Something Definitely Just Happened Right Now!

Something Definitely Just Happened Right Now!

What if I told you that men are under much more pressures than women? It may surprise you to know, however, that in Nigeria, entrepreneurs struggle to be consistent and persistent and societal pressures lie on the shoulders of a man. People easily give up because of one constraint or the other but Nosa Afolabi popularly known as Lasisi Elenu a 26-year-old multi-talented individual whose name has become a household name over a short period of time encourages for men to stay focused, keep pushing, in a matter of time things will pan out right, stay away from distractions by applying wisdom, discipline and keep good company.

Wealth is another factor that makes men happy or is seems to be but we get carried away in the struggle to come out successful regardless of the people we discomfort or hurt just to make wealth and we forget that love and unity bind individuals and a nation to make them stronger.  Lasisi Elenu talks about growing up back in the days where a community raises a child, it was the joint effort of parents, neighbors, teachers, pastors, and everyone around to raise a child in the right way out of love but these days it is no longer the business of anyone but the parents to correct a child because everyone is minding their business.

We need to bring back genuine Love among us in this chaotic society. The essence of Love cannot be overemphasized.  He also explained that there will be moments of mental blocs and struggles but we shouldn’t stay too long on that spot. He left us with this food for thought, “if you are out there, whoever you are, wherever you are all I can say is never give up. Life is beautiful, God has a plan for everyone one of us and in time we all would get there, it might take a while, the road might be rough, it might be really hard, it might seem like people disrespect and disregard the things we do, they care less but in the end if you stay strong if you keep doing it, you would get there, believe in yourself, never give up, trust in your heart, find inner peace at the long run you would smile’.


Onimisi Adaba, a self-motivated, enthusiastic, proactive and conscientious committed journalist and broadcasting executive with over 12 years’ experience in production and programming is out to help men stand firm especially during the trying times. He has in the past, managed numerous Radio and TV shows from innovative initial concept, through development to final production. With proven people management skills, and the ability to manage performance, He loves to train and motivate persons on individual and team levels.

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