Life throws us with obstacles, some that seem very easy to overcome and others very hard to overcome. Life constraints come in various forms like financial problems, spiritual, physical, academics, in marriage, emotional, in relationships to mention but a few. Marriage is an institution involving two people coming together to become one, marriage can be amazingly interesting and a dream come through but sometimes life happens, obstacles are thrown and the boat is rocked some people go through and overcome this phase while others do not even have an idea of what to do or how to go about it thereby making it hard to come out of the situation.

No one has the perfect answer to a perfect life, marriage relationship and other aspects of life but there are certain things that could be done to come out of such situations successfully. Certain things could be done to mend a broken home. Firstly, the foundation of the marriage has to be built on God, there should be an altar for God in your home headed by the priest of the home which is the man, in the presence of God there is peace. Secondly is communication, this is a very important factor, you have to learn to be vocalize your feelings, use the right language to express yourself, do not assume your partner knows what is happening, communicating the problem brings you a step close to finding solutions, nevertheless communication is only successful when the receiver gets the message that is passed across and begin to make amends. Do not lean on your own strength and understanding, it is a two-people institution, both parties involved have to work hand in hand at all times. There should be an understanding between both parties in other not to have unrealistic expectations from each other. Infidelity is a self-attained problem that should be avoided because apart from the fear of STD’s, it is like bringing a foreign body into the solemn union of two people, it breaks trust and makes it hard for the partner to overlook. Lastly is forgiveness, it is a very important and uneasy thing to do but it is important to forgive in other to move on and have a fresh start.

A broken marriage is just one of the many obstacles on has to face in life, whatever huddle you are facing presently please remove the thought of taking your life off your mind even when that seems like the easiest way to get out of the trouble, believe me it is not, you need to fight in other to pull through, seek the face of God he always makes the situation better, do not be shy or ashamed to vocalize your problems to those around you, seek help, surround yourself with people that encourage you and not put you down, no one has it easy, we all have to struggle with have struggled at some point to overcome these obstacles.



Husband and wife: Segun Adeniji and Funke Adeniji

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