The Road not taken

The Road not taken

We live in a society where the term “man” is given different meanings, depending on the various perspectives.

From time immemorial, the man has been placed as the head. Therefore, there is a lot of demand placed on the male, even as a child.

The ability to accept responsibility and equally be a shining light in every area of life is required of every man. The growth level of a boy to a man is not determined by his voice, muscles, or how hairy he is but by how he is able to defend the term “Manhood”, and live up to its true meaning. In this era, there is a shortage in the number of real men. We have lots of so-called men (even 45 years and above), living life like boys.

There are a number of values that defines manhood like a man’s level of integrity, leadership skill, sense of responsibility, etc. Most notably, the road that most men have refused to take is the path of responsibility.

There is a popular phrase that is used to speak to men. When we say “Man-up”, it implies taking responsibility despite the risks. The present challenges we face as a nation can be traced to the lack of men who will take their place as the head of the family which is the basic unit of society.

Any attitude that is not worthy of emulation portrayed by an individual can be traced to the home. It is expected that there is a father that directs the affairs of the home and is the disciplinarian of the house.

Also, the evolution of a boy to a man starts in his heart, the day he decides to live truly as a man and be a pacesetter. Men are supposed to be the forerunners and voice of the home. For a better nation, we need men who will take up the challenge and defend the term “Manhood” with their lifestyle and not just by mere words.

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