The Enemy Called Average

The Enemy Called Average

In Nigeria today, we have gotten used to a particular way of life that connotes suffering. We treat issues with levity and like Christians, we are comfortable with our daily bread, beyond the daily provisions, we do not see the need to checkmate our leadership in Nigeria.

Most leaders get away with so many vices because of this simple act called Average. For instance, when a leader implements the construction for 4 major roads our of 20 roads as promised, it becomes a major feat for the citizens and will still elect the person for another term.
Until we learn to reject the average they present to us, we would continue to wallow in pain and anguish.

A major problem affecting leadership in Nigeria is followership, which is now referred to as bread and butter syndrome, a country that desires growth in every sphere should be ready to say the truth at all times.

The expectations of the populace should be cross-checked from time to time to see if they are still on track. We should be audacious enough to call them to order when they fluctuate rules and go against policies implemented at the onset, rather than manage the daily bread.

Our leadership structure is decaying and needs a complete change other than the one we are experiencing now, it starts with the way followers tackle the issue and refuse the evil called average. An average life is neither here nor there, just in between. Nigeria can be very good and eventually the best if we all rise up with one voice and speak against mediocrity
Reject Average and Crave for the best.

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