Two Worlds Apart

Two Worlds Apart

Where your treasure is there lies your heart. Beyond the scriptural meaning, it is applicable to long distance relationships. It is popularly believed that relationships soar on the wings of proximity; the closer you are to your spouse, the better for you as you develop a healthy relationship.

However, some individuals belong to a different category where one partner is abroad. It poses a lot of threats to the relationship. As is often said “out of sight, out of mind”, but it shouldn’t be a major problem if the foundation of the relationship was built on true friendship, love, and trust.

Also, the men are seen as weaker vessels in holding the fort in the absence of the spouse. They are prone to temptation from sexual advances from colleagues. Women are not exempted from this either but there are many ways to close up the gap distance brings.

Communication covers up for areas that would want to create a wide margin leading to separation. A major recipe for a relationship to blossom lies in the way both parties communicate.

It is a common ground where everything and anything that threatens the existence of the relationship is discussed extensively without bias. Though miles apart, there are various communication gadgets to make the heart grow fonder, especially in this day and age.

Furthermore, lack of trust poses a threat to long distance relationships. Trust is paramount to ensure there is no room for betrayal, self-doubt, sexual sins etc. Once a couple has developed trust in their spouse, it is easy to cope with the relationship knowing fully well the capabilities of your partner.

Staying miles apart can be interesting when both parties make sacrifices and inculcate values that ensure the longevity of the relationship.

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