Long Time Ago, Nigeria!

Long Time Ago, Nigeria!

Nigeria has experienced setbacks way back before independence, as such, it will be a joke to try to effect any change without making an effort to correct the errors of the past. Almost all the problems that are currently threatening the existence of the nation are results of seeds sown in the past. This was fantastically elaborated on by Chude Jideonwo on this episode of Let’s Face It with one of the fundamental problems being, as he explained in the quote above, that there was no clarity in the idea of what Nigeria was to be.

Another clear issue in Nigeria is the recycling of leaders who have caused us pain since the 1960s and are still ruling the nation till date, either physically or through their protégés. “Nigeria will rise again” shouldn’t be a slogan chanted during election campaigns but rather a deliberate effort to encourage telling the truth and asking the right questions.

Beyond the social media noise-making about change and a call for a better nation, as citizens of Nigeria, we are to stand up and ask questions that challenge the status quo, and even seek to know the modus operandi of governmental affairs. Let’s search for the truths about the nation of Nigeria and with determination and honesty, seek to improve every sector of our land.

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