Absentee fathers are not only those who are not physically present in their homes, but those who are present and not emotionally connected to their families. When God established the institution of marriage, He did so with the intention of having a man and a woman come together to bear children and create a fundamental unit of the children’s lives where he/she will receive the right amount of emotional, mental and physiological needs from their parents. This will help them maneuver life’s ups and downs with as minimum damage as possible. Sadly, many today have grown up without a father or father figure who was involved in the affairs of their lives. This is likely to cause issues with self-esteem, anger, and lead to problems in inter-personal relationships. Both the father and mother need to be accountable for their children even if they are not together. There are responsibilities that come with having children, and many have abandoned these responsibilities of caring for their children’s lives as though their lives hold little to no weight like a mere pencil or piece of paper that can be treated lightly. Join Moji Fashogbon, a worker in the Ministry of Health in Nigeria and a psychologist, Nosa Omoregie, a singer and songwriter from Chocolate City and Gloria Adaba, an entrepreneur, engineer and singer as well, as they share their stories about their fathers and their knowledge on issues related to Fatherhood with The Mens Room host, Onimisi Adaba. You can listen to the podcast via this link: http://themensroom.com.ng/podcast-2/

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