Fun fact: 47% of those who work from home say that they’re very satisfied with the way they live and work and don’t want to change the way they work in the near future.

You might think that working remotely means that you work less if your boss is not watching you but in reality, working from home seems to build trust and honesty if you look at this number. Work from home employees work more than employees in offices. So it looks like they don’t want to get away from work, but that they enjoy working from home. Organizations all over the world started to work from home majorly during that pandemic in 2020.  Employees are constantly adapting to this new normal.

Here are some practical ways to work from home effectively:

Create a routine that works:

It is one thing to create a routine and it is another to create a routine that actually work. Set a workable time line that guides your activities as you work from home. Ensure you have a routine that is flexible enough to accommodate mid breaks. This will help you become even more productive.

Set daily goals and reminder:

Creating a weekly plan of what you intend to achieve is very important while working from home. In order to work effectively from home, set a goal for what you intend to achieve as well as a reminder that guides you and makes you work timely and in order. Goal setting is a very crucial to working effectively as it keeps you from being distracted.

Create ground rules especially for those in your space:

Create ground rules with other people in your home or people who share your work space with you. Give no space for distractions especially during your peak hours. They need clear rules about what they can and cannot do while you are working.

Have a support system:

Working from home might get boring and tiring, having a support system can help boost your productivity and make you work effectively. You can also try to be spontaneous, listen to your favorite songs while working, facetime with your friends and share your thoughts or work processes which makes you accountable.

Get dressed for success:

There is a lot of power in wearing something that makes you feel energized and capable to do the work. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a suit set or anything heavy but what makes you feel comfortable. Jump in the shower first thing and put on something that makes you feel ready for the day.


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