Designed by us, built in America, our mobile toilet units are totally unique in the UK. The units come with a high specification not often seen:

Air conditioning & Heating - comfort in all conditions

Hot water - now a legal requirement

Full size porcelain toilets, sinks & urinals - no small plastic loos and sinks

Electrical flush operation - no awkward foot pedal

Fresh water flush - no blue smelly chemicals

Large waste  & water tanks - will last for your event

Interior & exterior lighting - bright & safe

Large steps & handrails - for maximum safety

In built shower - available for special crew use

4x4 support vehicles - ensuring delivery  to your site
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Our units arrive fully cleaned, emptied and serviced to your job. We can also provide an attendant to maintain them, or on longer contracts, service them.
Our units are checked and tested before they leave our yard. In the unlikely event of a breakdown or problem, we are on hand 24/7 to service the units.
The units come fully stocked with consumables such as toilet rolls & hand soaps. Any requests for flowers & special toiletries can also be accommodated by prior arrangement.
Our trailer units are delivered with a powerful 4x4 support vehicle. They weigh around 3.5ton on their own, so require a competent vehicle to move them - they cannot be moved by hand.
Good site access is important - we need enough space to get a 40ft long tow vehicle and trailer in and out. Width through any gate needs to be 8ft and the minimum height is 12ft. The ground also needs to be firm & level enough to support both vehicles.
We will not drag the units through trees or into bushes - the outfit you see to the left cost over £50k. Ultimately the decision is made by one of our highly experienced delivery drivers.
If you are concerned about your venue, we are happy to make a site visit before the event to discuss the options & requirements.