The Plague of Indiscipline

The Plague of Indiscipline

Discipline is the process of teaching or inculcating a type of behavior that is acceptable or unacceptable as the case may be. It teaches us to follow rules to adhere to the strict conduct of behavior in the way that we do things. A pattern of life that adheres strictly to a set standard that is measurable and that we track at all times in all situations. Set of a system of rules and regulations. Discipline takes its root from discipleship, that means that for us to talk about discipline in any endeavor there has to be the standard that is the benchmark that we ought to follow.

What standard have you imposed on yourself as an individual on the basis of which you carry out your daily activities? Like it is said the things that we do continually form our habit over time become our behavior, our behavior gradually shapes the character that we have and it is the character that we have that determines how far we go in life. The very basic principle of discipline is to set the STANDARD we want within our lives and homes, what vision do you have for yourself and family. Where there is no standard there is no discipline. RULES constitute standards, rules help in creating a pathway to behavior, the rules that guide your life, behavior and daily activities matter a lot. The society we are in today has lost the meaning and importance of discipline because standards are no longer set, rules are no longer obeyed, the pressures we put on ourselves from the society has brought about misplaced priorities.

Train a child the way he should go and when he grows he would not depart from it, early inculcation of discipline in a child’s life would make it easy for the child to grow indiscipline in every aspect of life but this would only be possible when the parents are capable of being disciplined individuals.

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