Bitter Honey: A tale of Leadership in Nigeria

Bitter Honey: A tale of Leadership in Nigeria

Leadership is an act of responsibility entrusted to an individual to oversee the affairs of a group of people nation, state, etc. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case in our beloved Nigeria, where we have leaders basking in the euphoria of ignorance sponsored by our inability to do a thorough check on their ability and personality.

Just the way religious leaders are criticised when they err or give false doctrine, the first question often asked is “Did God really call you? Are you trained for this? we should ask our political leaders the same questions. Most of them left their farms to become leaders all because they got the support of a political ancestor whose linen is dirty.

Alas! What goes around, comes around. Until we challenge their abilities and match them with deserving positions, we will keep wallowing in pain and anguish hoping for a better Nigeria. Beyond the hash-tags on social media and the quest to get your PVC, know your leaders well and be smart enough to vote people whose ability and career match the positions they are vying for.

Furthermore, leadership should bring joy to us all as citizens and not bitterness and pain. The joy of every citizen is to be comfortable and well-catered to by the government.

In conclusion, leaders should be probed thoroughly before being elected to get maximum output. There should be policies in place that ensure they are well trained to occupy a political position. A better Nigeria is achievable with intellectual leaders armed with the right knowledge.
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